Season 0, Episode 7:

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While working on the debut season of our podcast, we’re releasing some small tastes of what the show will be like.

This advance listen is a story by singer and songwriter, Gedeon Luke, about his song, “Gray.” His story explains how an armed standoff, 20 bucks, and a man he’d never met all led him to his first world tour. This song will be on Gedeon’s debut album, coming out on June 3, but for now, you can hear much of the album on Gedeon’s website,

You can also hear the whole song and watch the music video for “Gray” right here:

Song Story Live! is back at Asbury Park’s The Saint, on June 17. Get details and tickets here. And this week, supporters of Song Story on Patreon can see an exclusive acoustic performance of Gedeon Luke’s song, “Live Free,” which was performed right here after he told his story. Supporters can also get their names on the guest list for our next Song Story Live! Check out our Patreon page to get involved and to get exclusive Song Story content.

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