Season 0, Episode 6:

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This advance listen features spoken-word poet and hip-hop artist, Chris Rockwell, discussing his song, “Brand New Wax,” about his love of vinyl records and how it’s often left him broke.

Chris’s album, “Buildings Will Collapse,” is available right here, and I can’t go another step without letting you know about his free festival, LiveStock, which will be at Legacy Ranch, in Howell, NJ, on May 10th. Click here for the details.

Song Story Live! is back at Asbury Park’s The Saint, on June 17. Get details and tickets here. And this week, supporters of Song Story on Patreon can see Chris Rockwell’s story from our last Song Story Live!, which was about attempted vandalism and a shoeless escape. Supporters can also get their names on the guest list for our next Song Story Live! Check out our Patreon page to get involved and to get exclusive Song Story content.

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